AstraZeneca supports AmeriCares’ work in Guatemala

With more than 50 percent of its citizens living in poverty, shortages of medicines and medical supplies are commonplace in Guatemala. AmeriCares – a nonprofit disaster relief and humanitarian aid organization – recently invited AstraZeneca and other supporters to join them on a 24-hour tour to witness the profound need that AmeriCares addresses every day. AmeriCares began working in Guatemala in 1986 and has provided more than $24 million in assistance in the last year alone. The need for this aid is great not only because Guatemala is among the 10 poorest… Read More

Healthcare that works: Putting patient access first

In an increasingly competitive and challenging business environment, we at AstraZeneca put patient access to medicine at the center of our decision making from the earliest days of discovery to even after the medicine goes off patent, AstraZeneca US Chief Operating Officer Marion McCourt said Tuesday. Speaking at the Bloomberg Healthcare Innovations Conference in New York, McCourt said this approach demonstrates our commitment to healthcare that works – not just for individual patients but for the system as a whole. (You can watch a video of the full panel discussion here.) And… Read More

National Drug Take-Back Day – September 29

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration is providing another opportunity for those who have accumulated unwanted, unused prescription drugs, to safely dispose of those medications. AstraZeneca supports the National Prescription Drug Take Back Day to help people dispose of unwanted or unused medicines – and help prevent prescription drug abuse and misuse. Take Back Day will be held on September 29 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. local time across the country. You can find a collection site near you by following the directions in this link. Drug Take-Back Day in April saw a record-breaking 552,161 pounds (276… Read More

AZ&Me here to help in times of disaster

What happens if you can’t get to your home or your doctor’s office because of a hurricane or other disaster and your medicines are inside? As noted here, AstraZeneca works with partners such as AmeriCares and Direct Relief International to help get our medicines along with humanitarian aid to patients who have been struck by disaster. In addition, the AZ&Me Prescription Savings Program has policies in place to help patients maintain a consistent supply of their AstraZeneca medicine while they are managing through this kind of crisis. Below, Jennifer McGovern, Director of… Read More

AmeriCares aids communities when disaster strikes

When wildfires, tornadoes and hurricanes strike, communities must respond to a sudden surge in demand for medical care and medicines. With hurricane season underway, AmeriCares – a nonprofit disaster relief and humanitarian aid organization – has posted a timely article about what goes on behind the scenes to be response-ready when disaster strikes. Here, Garrett Ingoglia, Director, Emergency Response for AmeriCares, shares details about how his organization works in disaster-struck communities and how they collaborate with companies such as AstraZeneca. What kind of support does AmeriCares provide for disaster relief and how quickly does AmeriCares… Read More

AstraZeneca answers top questions about prescription savings programs

We get a lot of questions about our prescription savings programs – what is available, who is eligible, how to access them and more. Here, Jennifer McGovern, Director of the AZ&Me Prescription Savings Programs, answers some of the questions most frequently asked by patients, caregivers and health care advocates. Why do you do this? AstraZeneca is committed to offering great medicines that make a meaningful difference to patient health. We know that our medicines can only help patients if they can access them. This is why we’ve been offering these programs since 1978…. Read More

AZ&Me prescription savings program helps more patients in 2011

Four years after the economic downturn took hold in 2008, we continue to see a record number of patients filling a record number of prescriptions in our AZ&Me Prescription Savings Programs. Last year, AstraZeneca provided $1.1 billion in savings to more than 569,000 patients. State-specific information is listed below (click on the state names to see the full news release for each state). AZ&Me Program Director Jennifer McGovern shares her perspective on program enrollment along with some of the ways AstraZeneca has worked to expand access to the program for both patients… Read More

More patients eligible for free AstraZeneca medicines

AstraZeneca has broadened the income eligibility for our AZ&Me™ Prescription Savings Programs so that more patients may qualify to receive free medicines. AZ&Me program director Jennifer McGovern explained that the reason for the change was “to keep pace with the increased cost of living for patients and to ensure they have access to the medicines they need.” Patients may qualify for the program if they are uninsured or are in Medicare Part D and have an annual household income that falls within the new income eligibility levels: $35,000 for individuals (up from… Read More

AmeriCares delivers donated AstraZeneca medicines to clinics

Today, AmeriCares announced that it has begun delivering several million dollars worth of donated AstraZeneca medicines to help patients who rely on safety net clinics for their medical care. AmeriCares is a nonprofit global health and disaster relief organization which delivers medicines, medical supplies and aid to people in need around the world and across the United States. Among the 100 clinics in 28 states receiving our medicines are:  The Way Free Medical Clinic in Florida, where patients have been hard hit by the collapse of the housing market. Traverse Health Clinic… Read More

Patient assistance: Understanding patient need

At AstraZeneca, we continue to work with community health clinics and other partners to raise awareness of the prescription assistance that is available for people who need help affording medicines. A few weeks ago, the AZ&Me patient assistance team met with patient assistance advocates to discuss the evolution of patient needs and how we can help ensure people are benefitting from patient assistance programs. Here, Nicole Lamoureux, Executive Director of the National Association of Free Clinics, helps us understand more about the patients served by free clinics every day. Here, Brenda Dane,… Read More