Why AZ Health Connections?

By Earl Whipple

We doubt anyone would be surprised to learn that healthcare is one of the most written about topics online. Health affects us all, and we feel it’s important that we join the community of doctors, nurses, patients, policymakers, pundits and consumers who are engaging in constructive debate and conversation. So if you ask why another healthcare blog we wouldn’t be offended. The fact is we believe no subject is more important right now than healthcare – and no subject is more deserving of credible voices to shed light on its complexity.

Across the country people are concerned and skeptical of all of the participants in the U.S. healthcare business, from the government, to the pharmaceutical manufacturers, to the insurers and so forth. You’re calling for more transparency and compassion. And we agree. Now, more than ever, it’s important for healthcare companies to be good listeners and to keep the priorities of the patients as a top concern. We must also be honest and caring because we recognize that healthcare is more than just our business — it’s a common thread that connects us all.

We want this blog to be a forum where you can interact with AstraZeneca U.S. while we work and innovate on the front lines of healthcare. Engage us. Join the conversation. Tell us when you agree and don’t be scared to let us know when you don’t. After all, how can we cultivate meaningful dialogue if we don’t know your thoughts or opinions?

Everyone values their health. Young or old, rich or poor, we all have a stake in health. At AstraZeneca U.S., we know that a healthier world can’t come from drugs alone. It also takes collaboration. Because it is only when we work together with all our healthcare partners that real progress can be made. The road to a healthier world lies in the connections that we form between all of us.