Connections for Cardiovascular Health℠

By Earl Whipple

Many of us aspire to watch what we eat, exercise when we can, and get to the doctor for regular exams. Sometimes I hit the mark – but many times, candidly, I wish I did a better job. Each day I resolve to do my best and always raise the bar on my expectations.

For those of us who work in the healthcare industry, we have an acute awareness of health in general. We’re surrounded by it every day as we pursue our commitment to prevent and treat chronic disease and make a meaningful difference to patient health.

So, when I come across the statistic that more than 81 million adults in the US have at least one form of cardiovascular disease,1 I can’t help but think that the industry needs to do more.

Today, the AstraZeneca HealthCare Foundation announced the launch of its new program – Connections for Cardiovascular HealthSM. The mission of this new program: improving cardiovascular health within the United States. Connections for Cardiovascular HealthSM will provide Foundation grants of $150,000 and up annually to US-based nonprofit organizations that are working to improve cardiovascular health in America. The Foundation’s program was funded through a $25 million charitable contribution made by AstraZeneca.

I am proud to be a part of a company that recognizes the need to support organizations working to improve cardiovasuclar health. More information about today’s announcement can be found here. Organizations can learn more about the Connections for Cardiovascular Health program and how to apply for a Foundation grant by visiting

1. Lloyd-Jones D, Adams RJ, Brown TM, et al. Heart Disease and Stroke Statistics 2010 Update. A Report From the American Heart Association. Circulation. 2010;121:e46-e215.

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