AZ Makes $1 Million Contribution to Christiana Care Health System Expansion Project


Jim Coyne, Sr. Manager Corporate Community Alliances, AstraZeneca

While needed access to doctors and medicines is important to good health, actually getting that access can be challenging for some people.  Today, AstraZeneca announced a $1 million contribution to Christiana Care Health System, Delaware’s largest healthcare provider, to support extensive renovation and expansion of its Wilmington Hospital campus that will expand capacity to treat more patients.

AstraZeneca employee Kelly Morrissey knows firsthand how important these improvements will be.  And we at AstraZeneca know that Kelly is one of many of our employees and family members who rely on Wilmington Hospital for care. “As an emergency nurse, I am intimately familiar with the many challenges in healthcare today.  Large numbers of patients, more acute illnesses, more complex diseases and finite healthcare resources contribute to a stressful and strained healthcare environment that takes a toll on healthcare workers and ultimately affects patient care and healthcare delivery, “ Kelly said.

In 2006, Kelly got yet another view – that of a patient.  “Not too long ago, I was on the other side of the bedpan, during a hospitalization at Wilmington Hospital.  I had a major planned abdominal surgery involving extensive manipulation and abdominal wall reconstruction, but faced some unexpected post-operative challenges.“

“I was discharged after 6-days and was so grateful for how well the doctors, nurses and team members came together in quickly providing the attentive care I needed.  I was also impressed by the genuine respect and professionalism demonstrated by every single member of the healthcare team.”

Wilmington Hospital has clearly earned Kelly’s high praise and sincere appreciation.  The hospital staff didn’t know she worked for AstraZeneca, or that her husband was a Wilmington City police officer.  “None of that mattered.  What was important was that each team member placed the patient at the center of the healthcare process, knew and understood their role on the healthcare team and provided each patient with the same, respectful care, regardless of their gender, race, ethnicity, or socio-economic status. “  

Rich Fante, President AstraZeneca US & Regional VP North America summed it all up, “We are strongly committed to working with partners whose mission and interests align with our commitment to strengthening and improving the health of patients. Wilmington Hospital is an outstanding facility and a critical health resource in our community. AstraZeneca takes pride in helping it grow.”