A Healthy Impact on Delaware

Guest Blog Post: Tyrone Jones, Director, Corporate Community Alliances

The economy topped the news in 2009. Businesses struggled. Unemployment surged. Non-profits felt the pinch of delivering needed services as state budgets were slashed and individual donors, foundations and corporations re-assessed giving strategies. For me personally, some of the year’s most compelling stories are captured in the AstraZeneca 2009 Corporate Contributions Report.

Before you think, ”oh no, not another corporate report,” I will tell you the report is about people who have been helped – not us. It’s light on numbers, charts and graphs and heavy on the real stories of real people.

According to the Delaware Philanthropic Forum, more than 35 percent of Delaware’s roughly 1,000 active non-profits operated at a loss each year from 2002 through 2007. Everyone has to step up and do more in the face of a tough economy and declining resources that are taking a toll on our area non-profits.

In 2009, AstraZeneca provided significant support to help build non-profit agency capacity and programs that really matter in the community.  However, doing more doesn’t just mean giving more money. It means giving more people, more time, and more ideas that can be used effectively. 

I am proud of working at a company that understands a healthier world cannot come from medicines alone. It’s precisely why our commitment is more important than ever for connecting people and communities to resources that improve health and meet urgent community challenges.  

 A colleague of mine, Earl Whipple, quoted the great Muhammad Ali in blogging about  community service done at Claymont Community Center: “Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on Earth."  We must push ourselves to continue giving because tough times require giving more.

I encourage you to think about the many needs in your community and make a decision to give a little more of your time, talent and treasure.  We’d like to hear your stories and encourage you to share them by posting.