Innovation: A view from the United States

Logo Image How do Americans feel their home country is doing when it comes to innovation?

Quite well – with a sense that the can-do spirit that gave the world everything from the airplane to the sewing machine to computers may be slipping a bit, according to the survey conducted by AstraZeneca.

By a wide margin, Americans view the United States as the most supportive of innovative people and innovative companies.

Forty-four percent of Americans surveyed named the US as most supportive of innovation – followed by 21 percent selecting Japan.

As noted previously, 35 percent of Americans said the United States was the most innovative country today, while 29 percent said Japan.

Looking ahead, 30 percent believe the United States will remain the most innovative country a decade from now, double the global view on 2020.

There is some pessimism, however: 60 percent of Americans feel that the United States “is not as innovative as it used to be.”

That presents a challenge – and an opportunity – for the United States to maintain and implement policies that foster innovation and discovery, while also working globally to benefit citizens around the world.

“The United States must continue to promote public policies that spur innovation if it is to remain the world leader in developing new technologies, while working collaboratively across boundaries,” said Rich Fante, President AstraZeneca US & Regional VP North America. “Whether it is in science, computing, engineering, medicine or design, we must be sure our people have all of the tools they need to innovate.”

The full survey can be found here. Earlier posts can be found here and here.

– By Tony Jewell