What are the most innovative industries?

We'll wrap up innovation week here at AZ Health Connections with a look at what industries are viewed as the most innovative.

As the chart below shows (click to enlarge), information technology and telecommunications are viewed as innovative by the largest percentage of people in each of the six countries surveyed – followed by a mix of pharmaceuticals, automotive, aerospace and the media:

Innov Industries 
The full survey can be found here.

Which industries do you find to be particularly innovative? Why?

Let us know in the comments (we won't vote, given our industry is one of the choices).

– By Tony Jewell


  • Great data, thanks for the share.
    It is interesting that there seems to be something of an inverse relation between the public’s perception of pharma’s status as a driver of innovation, and its willingness to trust the industry.
    The industry has over time given the patient-consumer innumerable reasons to believe their seemingly antithetical assessment of pharma’s reputation is correct on both counts.
    Perhaps pharma’s more extensive involvement in social media with the adjacent benefits of its manifesting a greater transparency and hopefully also delivering just cause for the patient-consumer to believe that it is becoming more worthy of their trust may narrow the gap between the poles.
    In achieving this, it is to be hoped that the former (perception as an innovator) will remain at its high level, and the latter (perception of trustworthiness) will rise towards it

  • Thanks for your links and insights, Andrew.

  • Good job from AZ and really innovative for pharmaceuticals company