Gov. Corbett arrives promoting biosciences

292px-Seal_of_Pennsylvania_svg Here’s an important passage from new Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett’s inaugural address this week that caught our attention:

"You will never hear me say “impossible.” To say it, or worse, to believe it, would accomplish nothing. I see the possible. And in the possible I see a promising future for Pennsylvania.

"I see a promising future; one that breathes new life into our existing economies such as agriculture and manufacturing. I see a future that embraces innovation in emerging frontiers of energy, life sciences and biotechnology. I see a future that sets free the kind of creativity and competition that will make Pennsylvania the envy of our nation.

"I believe in Pennsylvania and I believe in Pennsylvanians. And in those beliefs is a certainty that the best way to embrace innovation – the best way to make us competitive – is to make us competitive in education. Today, our students compete not only with those from the other 49 states, but with students from around the world. Our education system must contend with other nations and so we must embrace innovation, competition and choice in our education system."

This is encouraging to hear from a governor at a time when 60 percent of Americans believe that the United States isn’t as innovative as it used to be – and a recent study concluded that the country risks losing its global lead in medical innovation.

While we noted last week that it doesn’t matter where new treatments and cures originate, leaders like Governor Corbett understand that a commitment to the biosciences means jobs in their communities – as noted by Archstone Consulting in its study of direct and indirect job related to the industry.

– By Tony Jewell