AZ savings program helps half million patients

Have you ever seen a television commercial for an AstraZeneca medicine and wondered what this message meant: “If you cannot afford your prescription, AstraZeneca may be able to help”?

It refers to our AZ&Me prescription savings programs that provide free medicines to eligible patients.

Today, we announced that those programs helped more than 545,000 patients save $947 million on 4.1 million prescriptions last year alone. And since the economic downturn took hold in 2008, AstraZeneca has helped patients save $2.3 billion on 10.6 million prescriptions.

(Run your mouse over the map above to see the number of patients helped in each state. Click on each state to see additional details.)

In this video, Jennifer McGovern – AstraZeneca’s director of patient assistance programs – talks about how her team has seen demand go up in recent years:

Let’s look at some statistics behind what she’s saying: The number of patients in the program last year reflected a 7 percent increase over 2009 and a 19 percent increase over 2008. The number of prescriptions filled also represented a 7 percent increase over 2009 and a 34 percent jump from 2008.

Next, McGovern explains some changes AstraZeneca made to its prescription savings programs to help patients who recently lost their jobs:

To learn if you or someone you know are eligible for the AZ&Me savings programs, click here or call 1-800-AZandMe (292-6363).

– By Tony Jewell