Top 10 states in our savings program

PAP states 

Following up on Monday's post on AstraZeneca's prescription savings programs, the chart above (click to enlarge) shows the top 10 states by number of patients in the program.

An interesting thing about this chart: Six of the 10 states are also among the top 10 states with the highest percentage of uninsured residents in 2010, according to a Gallup survey released in June. This includes Texas, which topped both our list and the Gallup list.

Florida – with the second most patients in our prescription savings program – had the seventh highest uninsured rate. Similarly, several other states with the high enrollments in our program had high uninsured rates, including Georgia (No. 10 in Gallup’s survey), Louisiana (No. 3) California (No. 5) and South Carolina (No. 8).

This all stands to reason, as our programs are open to people who do not have presciption drug coverage (along with income eligibility requirements).

To learn if you or someone you know are eligible for the AZ&Me savings programs, click here or call 1-800-AZandMe (292-6363).

– By Tony Jewell