Looking ahead: social media and the industry

AstraZeneca released a white paper today that examines the pharmaceutical industry’s use of social media to discuss medicines and diseases, while taking a look at the roles – current and future – the industry and the Food and Drug Administration should play in these ever growing communication channels.

Two primary themes are captured in the paper:

1. Social media is a fundamental part of advancing public health.

2. Pharmaceutical companies have a responsibility to engage more fully in social media.

The paper includes the thoughts of patients, health advocates, former government officials, bloggers and others who participated in a roundtable discussion that AstraZeneca convened late last year. The discussion, which was facilitated by members of Google’s Health Industry Team, sought specific feedback on AstraZeneca’s social media principles – and included considerable discussion on the social media guidelines expected to be released by the FDA later this year.

As we await the FDA guidelines, AstraZeneca intends to continue engaging in social media – including through this blog, Twitter and Facebook. Looking ahead, we plan to work within the regulatory framework to ensure we are viewed as a trusted source of information about our medicines in the social media space.

Click here to view the full report.