Fighting cancer in the workplace

Cancergoldlogo AstraZeneca has received reaccreditation as a CEO Cancer Gold Standard™ employer from the CEO Roundtable on Cancer.

The CEO Cancer Gold Standard is a workplace-based initiative that aims to fight cancer. AstraZeneca was among the first six companies to receive CEO Cancer Gold Standard accreditation when the program first started in 2006 and some of our workplace programs include:

1. On-site fitness centers and walking/running paths.

2. Nutritious options in cafeterias and vending machines.

3. Smoke-free workplaces, tobacco cessation programs and fully reimbursed nicotine replacement therapy.

4. On-site breast, prostate and skin cancer screenings.

5. Annual, confidential health risk assessment.

6. Information regarding clinical trial participation.

Our employees have embraced these programs. It’s not unusual to see colleagues having “walking meetings” or joining friendly competitions at the gym. We applaud our fellow Gold Standard organizations and welcome your thoughts on how businesses can encourage healthy choices in the workplace.

-by Laura Woodin

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