Earth Day: AstraZeneca and the environment

Earthpic Happy Earth Day!

At AstraZeneca, we understand we have an impact on the environment – with nearly 10,000 employees and four facilities in the United States, including two manufacturing plants totaling more than 3.5 million square feet.

Managing that impact with a focus on sustainability is a priority for our business and our employees – both in how we use energy and how we manage our waste.

In 2010, we reduced energy use per square foot by 3 percent. Our supply sites in Westborough, Mass., and Newark, Del., were among the first pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities to receive the 2010 EPA Energy Star certification, in addition to our recertification of buildings at our Wilmington, Del., site. We also purchased renewable energy certificates to invest in offsite wind energy, solidifying our place as an EPA Green Power Partnership Partner.

In 2009, Automotive Fleet magazine honored our U.S. fleet of automobiles with its first annual "Fleet Environmental Leadership" Award for improving its impact on the environment by reducing emissions and fuel consumption. We were again recognized by the magazine in 2010 for its continued contributions and assertiveness in setting higher standards and goals for its fleet, and for the example it has set for other fleets in the United States for its environmental commitments and responsibilities.

We also focus on the way we manage our waste. In 2010 alone we reduced waste to landfill by 77 percent compared to 2009.

AstraZeneca is proud of these and other initiatives, but we understand much work remains to be done as we look for new and exciting ways reduce our impact on the environment.

Please join us in celebrating Earth Day 2011.

– By Tony Jewell