The fight against cancer: From pipeline to patients

A recent report from the Pharmaceutical Researchers and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) counts nearly 900 medicines and vaccines in development to treat cancer. According to PhRMA, this is more than double the number reported in the pipeline only six years ago. A number of industry scientists—including ours—comment on this progress here.

AstraZeneca has been working for decades to better understand the science behind cancer. In the past, success in cancer research was often linked to the size of the potential patient population. But we believe the way forward is through a better understanding of individual tumor types and targeted treatment. We recently made an exciting announcement in this area.

While cancer is a term with which most people are probably familiar, a search through the National Organization for Rare Disorders database shows a number of cancers that are considered rare diseases.

Dealing with a rare form of cancer can be especially challenging for patients, their loved ones and their doctors because they face limited information, support networks and treatment options. AstraZeneca will continue to follow the science to bring meaningful cancer medicines to the patients who need them most.

– By Dr. James Vasselli, director of Clinical Research for AstraZeneca

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