A new look at innovation in medicine

Innovation2 Forbes is taking a look at the most innovative countries in the world – both overall and in specific industries, including biology and medicine.

Their findings? Matthew Herper reports:

When it comes to publishing research about the natural world, the United States is the dominant player.

The U.S. published more than 1.14 million scientific articles about biology and medicine between 2005 and 2009, publishing 250,000 papers (29% of the worldwide total) in 2009 alone. That’s more than quadruple the number of publications produced by China or the United Kingdom.

Click above for the full findings, which include this tidbit:

America is among the most collaborative – raising the possibility that collaboration may actually lead to higher quality. Want to stay ahead of China? Opening doors to working together might not be a bad idea.

We found the Forbes stories interesting, as the issue of innovation has been on our mind at AZ Health Connections a lot over the last year. We have examined global views toward innovation, American views on funding medical innovation, public policies to support innovation, and even pondered whether it matters where innovation comes from.

– By Tony Jewell