Contributions that build stronger communities


AstraZeneca recognizes the importance of contributing to nonprofit organizations to help meet the everyday challenges they face. That is why AZ partners with Delaware Valley nonprofits that share our commitment to improve the communities in which we live and work.

The 2010 AstraZeneca Corporate Contributions Report focuses on the basic unmet needs that create daily hardships for the people in our community, as well as making investments in growing leaders for tomorrow.

As Rich Fante, President, AstraZeneca U.S. & CEO North America, notes in the introduction of the report, “Being a good corporate citizen means that a company must work to ensure it is a key part of the local community. That is why I firmly believe that it is both a privilege and an obligation to work hand-in-hand to assist the organizations that tirelessly strive to make our communities a better place to live.”

Our philanthropic platform rests on three strategic pillars: health communities, youth development and community vitality. These pillars provide the framework for all of our activities, guiding our decisions about how and where to invest our resources.

For more information on AstraZeneca’s support of communities, click here.

– By Tom Hushen