A car enthusiast’s dream job

For AstraZeneca employee Steve Macom, a new set of wheels is all part of the job.

Steve – along with his manager Kim Jamme and colleague Janice Landino – oversees more than 5,500 company-owned vehicles that are deployed across the country.

“It’s like managing a small city on wheels,” says Macom, who is currently test-driving the Volkswagen Passat.

A test-drive isn’t the only criteria that Steve and his team consider when they select vehicles for inclusion in the company fleet.

They have been tasked with improving the company’s impact on the environment by reducing emissions and fuel consumption. The team plans to reduce emissions within the fleet by 8 percent by 2015.

Kim Jamme, manager of AstraZeneca Fleet Services, was awarded Automotive Fleet Magazine’s Environmental Leadership Award in both 2009 and 2010 for leading the team’s efforts in making significant improvements in the fleet’s environmental strategy.

How are they doing this? The team has introduced a number of hybrid models, reduced the number of SUVs and is running a clean diesel pilot program. This summer, Macom plans to test drive an all-electric vehicle.

Says Macom, ”Employees have responded enthusiastically to the company’s efforts to reduce its environmental footprint.  In fact, employees who participate in the clean diesel pilot program exchange tips through their own Yammer group.”

Safety is also paramount. The team will only select vehicles that achieve 4 or 5-star crash safety ratings and meet vigorous safety standards.

Steve and his group also work with Mary Beth Rose, a safety analyst who administers driver safety training and has helped the team achieve a 28 percent decrease in motor vehicle-related injuries.

-By Laura Woodin