Celebrating American Pharmacists Month

October is American Pharmacists Month (APhM), a celebration of the contributions pharmacists make to healthcare and their ongoing commitment to patient health.

The theme of this year’s APhM is “Know Your MEDICINE, Know Your PHARMACIST,” to help ensure every patient’s drug therapy is both safe and effective.

In order to achieve this, it’s important to have an ongoing dialogue with your pharmacist. Below are some simple things you can do to make the most of your interactions with your pharmacist:

  1. Inform your pharmacist of current prescription and nonprescription medicines you’re taking, including vitamins, herbals, and other supplements.
  2. Ask about prescription savings card options if you have cost concerns about the medicines you’re prescribed.
  3. Have a conversation about your health insurance plan and how you can ensure you get the medicines prescribed by your doctor.
  4. Tell your pharmacist or doctor immediately about any side effects that occur while on a particular medicine.

Keep these four points in mind the next time you’re at the pharmacy and remember to take a moment to thank your pharmacist for all that they do as a trusted healthcare advisor.

To learn more, visit www.pharmacist.com.

-Blair Hains, Director, Brand Corporate Affairs at AstraZeneca