AstraZeneca salutes World Arthritis Day by providing tools for patients

October 12 marks the 16th anniversary of World Arthritis Day, an initiative aimed at raising awareness of rheumatic diseases among the medical community, people affected by the disease, and the general public. In the US alone, more than 27 million people suffer from osteoarthritis, a disease that’s expected to impact over 67 million people by 2030.

This year, for World Arthritis Day, AstraZeneca is providing osteoarthritis patients with several online resources designed to deliver motivation and information to those affected by the disease. The resources range from exercise tips for healthy living to inspiring real-life stories.

Helpful resources include:

  • Getting Started 21-Day Program with tools to better manage arthritis pain and encourage changes in the way people with arthritis view and cope with the condition. Patients should talk with their doctor before beginning the program
  • Inspiring journals from real women with arthritis who share their reflections on managing symptoms and living an active lifestyle; each journal entry also includes advice from experts who offer encouragement and inspiration along the way
  • Entertaining Smart Moves Web Series about the adventures of three fictional friends who find help through their friendship and by speaking to a health care professional

AstraZeneca is committed to providing patients with osteoarthritis the tools and information they need to make educated and appropriate decisions about their health.

-Elizabeth Renz

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