Seniors satisfied with Medicare prescription drug program

The Medicare prescription drug benefit is working well for America’s seniors.

A new survey of seniors by the Medicare Today coalition provides additional evidence that the Medicare prescription drug benefit offers seniors affordable, effective access to the medicines they need.

Five years into the Medicare prescription drug program, an overwhelming majority – 88 percent – of America’s seniors and disabled are satisfied with their prescription drug coverage.

Today, more than 29 million Medicare beneficiaries are enrolled in a prescription drug benefit plan, and 90 percent of all beneficiaries have comprehensive drug coverage.

Of these beneficiaries, the survey found that:

–Nearly 80 percent of seniors say they have lowered their drug spending, an increase of eight percentage points from when the program started.

–Compared to other subgroups, low income beneficiaries and dual eligibles (beneficiaries eligible for both Medicaid and Medicare) show the highest satisfaction rate with their drug coverage – 90 percent of dual eligibles are satisfied with their coverage and for those beneficiaries earning $15,000 or less in income, 96 percent are satisfied.

–Large majorities of respondents say that the program is delivering good value, and they would recommend it to their peers. Further, 95 percent of respondents say their plan is working well.

And, as we explain here, there is growing evidence that seniors’ access to prescription medicines through the Medicare program is improving health outcomes and lowering costs.

Visit the Medicare Today website to view the entire survey.