Cardiovascular disease and pharma: A view from Europe

With cardiovascular disease (CVD) continuing to be the world’s leading killer, we wanted to see if AstraZeneca was on the right track in demonstrating our commitment to patients in this disease category.

According to the results of a new survey we recently commissioned, we are on the right track.  The survey of 60 physicians – cardiologists and PCPs – from Italy, France and the United Kingdom, aimed to assess current awareness and perceptions about pharmaceutical companies and better understand the importance of a CVD franchise, from a medical perspective. AstraZeneca was ranked as the top pharmaceutical company for its commitment to CVD research and development of products for this therapeutic area. The findings revealed that AstraZeneca has the CV portfolio these European physicians would be least willing to lose, crediting our company’s legacy of products, support and innovation as their rationale.

We are very pleased to hear that physicians from various countries across Europe recognize AstraZeneca’s strong heritage of delivering medicines designed to improve the health of patients around the world managing a variety of medical conditions – including CVD. We also know that how we do business is important to the many lives we touch and maintaining the trust of those audiences is at the root of everything we do.

The survey also examined physician satisfaction with current CVD treatments. Results demonstrated that while satisfaction with ability to control blood lipids and blood pressure is relatively high among physicians, one Italian physician claimed “controlling atherosclerosis is something we’d really like to do, but at the present it’s just utopic.” Another UK physician noted, “There’s not a magic drug. We get mostpeople controlled on one, two or three agents, with quite a lot of dose adjustment.”

Clearly there is still unmet need in this area and work to be done to ensure access to our portfolio of medications for those peoplewho need them most. We at AstraZeneca remain committed to the goal of researching and developing new treatment options that can ultimately help reduce the burden of cardiovascular disease.

Additional findings from the survey revealed:

  • AstraZeneca has a strong, positive image in CVD – and is seen as innovative and dynamic.
  • Strong products, active research and educational support are key to building a successful CVD franchise.
  • AstraZeneca, Pfizer and Sanofi were ranked highest for the range of their CVD products.

For a presentation of the key findings from the CVD perception survey, please click here.

– By Julia Walker

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