FDA receives critical funding for 2012

AstraZeneca and the Alliance for a Stronger FDA applaud members of the House and Senate for providing FDA with $2.5 billion in funding for 2012—an increase of $50 million.

AstraZeneca advocates for a strong, well-funded FDA so that it can protect Americans’ health.

Alliance President Nancy Bradish Myers summarizes why a well-funded FDA is so important:

“FDA must continue to be a national priority so that we can advance medical progress, improve patients’ lives, and assure Americans have a safe food supply.”

According to the Alliance, a strong FDA supports the economy, as FDA oversees nearly 25 percent of all consumer spending.

“Multiple times every day, Americans use products for which FDA has oversight responsibilities. There is no back-up if the agency isn’t there,” said Diane Dorman, an Alliance board member.

“FDA’s job is much like national defense—essential to our nation’s well-being—and providing protection that is too often taken for granted until a crisis occurs,” added Richard Buckley, an Alliance Board Member and Vice President, Federal Government Affairs, AstraZeneca. “A strong FDA is welcomed by the industries it oversees and spurs innovation that drives our economy.”

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