Expanding our real-world evidence capabilities

AstraZeneca expands its real-world evidence capability to Europe.

Today, AstraZeneca announced an important milestone in our company’s work to build industry-leading real-world evidence capabilities around the world. Through a new three-year collaboration agreement with IMS Health, we will be advancing the use of real-world evidence that is based on observational and retrospective studies conducted throughout Europe.

The real-world evidence generated through this collaboration will inform the design of our clinical trial programs, enable us to track the impact of our medicines as well as optimize their performance in the real world.

Our first major data partnership in the U.S. with HealthCore, the health outcomes research subsidiary of WellPoint, provides access to the largest integrated database of the commercially insured population in the U.S.

Since initiating the partnership with HealthCore in February of 2011, we’ve focused significant effort on building relationships with specific public and private organizations to strengthen the existing real-world evidence data set so that it represents care given across different healthcare settings and reimbursed through different types of health insurance coverage.

Ultimately, we’re looking to integrate all medical and claims data from specific local communities so we can understand drivers of cost, utilization, quality, risk and outcomes for those receiving health care in those communities. We expect to engage in several community collaborations in the U.S. in 2012.

More about our real-world evidence vision may be found here.