AmeriCares delivers donated AstraZeneca medicines to clinics

AmeriCares delivers donated AstraZeneca medicines to 100 clinics in 28 states

Today, AmeriCares announced that it has begun delivering several million dollars worth of donated AstraZeneca medicines to help patients who rely on safety net clinics for their medical care.

AmeriCares is a nonprofit global health and disaster relief organization which delivers medicines, medical supplies and aid to people in need around the world and across the United States.

Among the 100 clinics in 28 states receiving our medicines are:

  •  The Way Free Medical Clinic in Florida, where patients have been hard hit by the collapse of the housing market.
  • Traverse Health Clinic in Michigan, where the unemployment rate is one of the highest in the nation.
  • Sacred Heart Community Clinic in Texas where 25 percent of state residents are uninsured – the highest rate in the country.

“Our collaboration with AmeriCares is an important way we deliver on our commitment to getting our medicines to people who would otherwise not be able to access them,” says Jennifer McGovern, director of AstraZeneca’s patient assistance programs. “Free clinics such as these serve a vital role in our communities and we are proud to help them help their patients manage their health.”

This is the third consecutive year AstraZeneca has supported AmeriCares aid deliveries in the U.S. with a major donation. As we’ve shared here, AstraZeneca also supports AmeriCares’ global disaster response work and medical aid deliveries in the developing world with product donations.

The National Association of Free Clinics is another excellent resource, offering a useful clinic finder tool that helps people locate free clinics in their areas.

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