Real-world experience on how to be an asset for youth

Peers, parents and caring adults all can be assets for youth in their communities.

Our current blog series on the developmental assets examines those 40 common sense, positive qualities and experiences that help influence the choices young people make that can impact their health and success in life.

The personal video stories featured in these posts show that parents, teachers and other caring adults in the community all can be assets for youth in many different ways.

A great place to learn how to get started is the Search Institute’s online resource for families,  In describing what the site is all about, Search Institute says:

From time to time, all parents need a little help. Sometimes, a piece of solid, encouraging advice can help you have an “a-ha” moment that changes the way you think and act. Instead of focusing on what’s wrong with kids, our positive, strength-based approach to parenting focuses on what’s right with kids (and parents), and the small, everyday steps you can take to help kids be successful in the future.

The site features webinars, tips, links to resources and an e-newsletter. There is also a daily blog, with recent topics ranging from teaching tweens about money management to teaching youth generosity to the power of play in curing all ails.

For more information about the Young Health Program: IM40, visit To connect with other asset builders on Twitter, use #YHP40 or visit us on Facebook.

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