AstraZeneca recognized by Alliance for Workplace Excellence

AstraZeneca US recently received the EcoLeadership Award from the Alliance for Workplace Excellence, honoring companies that recognize the importance of environmental sustainability. Managing our environmental impact is an important part of AstraZeneca’s overall commitment to responsible business.

AstraZeneca US is supporting our global initiative that focuses on two core areas where good performance will create value for our stakeholders and our business: product stewardship and environmental sustainability.

Product stewardship improves the environmental profile of our products throughout their lifecycle – from when we first discover a potential new medicine to the end of its useful life.

Our global objectives in product stewardship include:

  • Supply of active pharmaceutical ingredients: Safe discharges and 15 percent improvement in materials efficiency
  • Packaging: 15 percent improvement in material efficiency
  • Unused medicines: Encourage local initiatives and promote safe disposal by patients
  • Data transparency: All environmental data publicly available

Environmental sustainability minimizes the environmental impact of our processes by reducing the carbon footprint and natural resource demands of our own and our suppliers’ business activities.

Our global objectives in environmental sustainability include:

  • Greenhouse gas: 20 percent reduction in greenhouse gas footprint
  • Waste: 15 percent waste reduction (hazardous and non-hazardous)
  • Water: Reduce water usage by 25 percent
  • Supply chain: Understand the related footprint and prioritize reduction targets

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