AZ cyclists and youth team up for Wilmington Grand Prix

Members of the Cadence Cycling Foundation before the Wilmington Grand Prix Cadence Youth Races.

Twenty-five Wilmington-area youth are pairing up with members of the AstraZeneca Cycling Club to participate in the Wilmington Grand Prix Cadence Youth Races today.

The young cyclists are part of the Cadence Cycling Foundation, which was expanded in 2011 and 2012 with funding from AstraZeneca to include youth from Mt. Pleasant High School and the H. Fletcher Brown Boys and Girls Glub in Wilmington.

As mentioned in a recent post about the AstraZeneca Young Health Program, AstraZeneca employees also support the Cadence Cycling Foundation by serving as mentors to help young people improve their physical well-being and build life skills through the sport of cycling.

AstraZeneca is proud to also support the Wilmington Grand Prix Cadence Youth Races, which provides a unique opportunity for adolescents to participate in a competitive cycling event in the downtown. The Youth Races will draw more than 100 cyclists from the tri-state area (ages 10-16) who will compete in a mildly-competitive series of races on the Grand Prix course.

The afternoon’s festivities began at 2:30 p.m. with a police-escorted ride from AstraZeneca’s headquarters in Fairfax to Wilmington’s Brandywine Park. After completing the time trials at 4 p.m., the competitors will attend an awards presentation held at the Grand Opera House.