AZ&Me here to help in times of disaster

AZ works with organizations like AmeriCares to deliver disaster relief.

What happens if you can’t get to your home or your doctor’s office because of a hurricane or other disaster and your medicines are inside?

As noted here, AstraZeneca works with partners such as AmeriCares and Direct Relief International to help get our medicines along with humanitarian aid to patients who have been struck by disaster.

In addition, the AZ&Me Prescription Savings Program has policies in place to help patients maintain a consistent supply of their AstraZeneca medicine while they are managing through this kind of crisis.

Below, Jennifer McGovern, Director of the AZ&Me Prescription Savings Program, discusses how AstraZeneca helps during times of disaster, as well as what patients and health care providers need to know about receiving medicines through our program in these circumstances.

How does AstraZeneca assist communities when disaster strikes?

How have previous disasters informed AZ&Me Prescription Savings Program policies?

What do patients and providers need to know if they live in an area struck by disaster?