Promoting health on Delaware’s college campuses

The Delaware News Journal highlighted two of AstraZeneca’s efforts to promote health and wellness among Delaware residents – the University of Delaware’s Healthy HENS(Healthy Exercise Nutrition and Sleep) program and Delaware State University’s Healthy Hornets on the Move initiative.

The new health and wellness center at Delaware State University is home to the Healthy Hornets program, a student wellness initiative launched last year.

As a company committed to healthcare that works – for individual patients, communities and the health system as a whole – we recognize the importance of collaborating with partners who share our passion for making a meaningful difference to patient health.

UD’s Healthy HENS program launched in 2009 with a $100,000 contribution from AstraZeneca. Healthy HENS evaluates the health of students by researching physician activity and offers preventative screenings, wellness promotion services, activities and educational outreach opportunities. In 2010, the program expanded to include an online health risk assessment, which approximately 2,000 students participated in. Now the program relies on peer wellness coaches who interact with students by making appearances at tables set up around campus.

“AstraZeneca funding has allowed the program to continue to promote student self-awareness of health status and has afforded the university the opportunity to create and continue a culture of wellness here on campus,” Healthy HENS program coordinator Michelle Ness said in AstraZeneca’s 2011 Corporate Contributions Report.

AstraZeneca also supports Healthy Hornets on the Move, a student wellness initiative at DSU which is modeled after UD’s Healthy HENS program. Healthy Hornets on the Move launched last year with a $250,000 contribution from AstraZeneca – our largest gift ever to the university.

“We’re doing assessments to figure out the needs of our students, and we’re capturing health data on our freshmen so that we can follow them for four years to know for sure whether we’ve made a change in their behavior,” Healthy Hornets leader Marianne Carter said.

The centerpiece of the Healthy Hornets Program is the new wellness and recreation center. This $21.4 million building is equipped with two basketball courts, two volleyball courts, an indoor pool, two weight rooms, a cardio desk and an eighth-mile track. The facility offers formal classes, intramural sports and impromptu pick-up games.

More information on our corporate contributions can be found here.