AstraZeneca CEO lays out his short term priorities

Pascal Soriot laid out his priorities for the coming months.

AstraZeneca released its third-quarter and nine months results this morning, and you can see all of the information here.

In presenting the information to reporters, Chief Executive Officer Pascal Soriot provided a look at his priorities for his first months on the job:

In addition to the well known challenges that confront the pharmaceutical sector as a whole, the loss of exclusivity of several of our brands in major markets has largely defined our financial performance in the first nine months of 2012.  We will continue to meet these challenges with determination and focus to deliver against our targets.

In my first few months, I am working on three priorities:

First, getting out and visiting as many people as I can, particularly in our R&D and commercial organisations.

Second, meeting shareholders and other stakeholders, to clarify their expectations of the Company and of me in my new role.

And finally, to immerse myself in the ongoing annual strategy update.

On the final point, Soriot said he planned to take “as much time as necessary to engage with the organisation and work with the Board to see this strategy update to its conclusion.”