AZ supports nonprofit efforts to get fit

This is the first in a series of posts focusing on some of the charitable organizations AstraZeneca is working with in Delaware that are making a meaningful, measurable difference to improve the health of our communities and those who live in them. Today’s post explores Siegel JCC, a nonprofit membership organization that inspires and connects people of all ages, faiths and backgrounds through social, educational, cultural, fitness and recreational opportunities, in a warm and welcoming environment.

Siegel JCC now offers youth and families a fun, interactive way to exercise through their new fitness and gaming center.

How can we make exercise more fun for kids? For their parents? For people in the community?

The Siegel JCC is answering this challenge by creating JCADE – a brand new arcade style facility that uses interactive fitness technology to engage individuals and groups in physical activity.

When JCADE opened in May 2011, both children and adults literally jumped at the opportunity to try out this new game room.  JCADE is both a classroom and community room that offers education and engagement to help participants enjoy being active and healthy. This arcade atmosphere offers popular activities such as Dance, Dance Revolution, Lightspace Play and Electronic Boxing. Participants use their entire bodies to engage in heart healthy fitness and gaming activities.

After the staff at the Siegel JCC saw how much their members enjoyed being a part of this new development, they wanted to give others in the community an opportunity to get in on the fun. Through the Siegel JCC’s collaboration with AstraZeneca, JCADE opened its doors to other nonprofit groups and many are now using this space for their events.

This collaboration with AstraZeneca also has led to a complementary training program for  Siegel JCC staff members on a program called Coordinated Approach to Child Health: a fun, interactive way of incorporating learning about exercise and healthy foods designed to help keep kids moving.

“With AstraZeneca’s help we have been able to bring in over 1000 children to JCADE from all over Delaware to show them that exercise can be fun and entertaining,” Siegel JCC Associate Executive Director Donna Schwartz said. “We are lucky to have partners like AstraZeneca who know the value of keeping our children healthy.”

AstraZeneca is committed to healthcare that works. We salute the Siegel JCC for its creative approach to encouraging an active lifestyle and designing a program that is making a meaningful difference in the community they serve.

For more information on AstraZeneca’s work with Siegel JCC and other nonprofit organizations and to download our 2011 Corporate Contributions Report, click here.