AZ simplifies enrollment for people with Medicare Rx coverage

People with Medicare prescription drug coverage will find applying to AZ&Me faster, easier

Applying to AstraZeneca’s AZ&Me Prescription Savings Program just got a whole lot easier for people who have prescription drug coverage through Medicare.

Beginning Jan. 1, AstraZeneca will no longer require that people with Medicare prescription drug coverage spend 3 percent of their annual household income on out-of-pocket costs for prescription medicines within the calendar year to qualify for its prescription savings program.

Those who qualify for the program receive their AstraZeneca medicines for free, delivered to their home or doctor’s office.

“We regularly evaluate how we can simplify our program enrollment process and saw an opportunity to do so for people with Medicare,” said Jennifer McGovern, Director, AZ&Me Prescription Savings Programs. “Removing the out-of-pocket spend requirement means that people will no longer have to gather documentation from their pharmacy before completing their enrollment, saving them time and helping them get their AstraZeneca medicines sooner.”

To be eligible for the program, a person with Medicare must:

  •  Be enrolled in a Medicare Part D plan.
  • Have an annual household income at or below $35,000 for individuals or $48,000 for couples.
  • Not be enrolled in the Medicare Limited Income Subsidy.

To learn more about how the AZ&Me programs work and who is eligible, please visit or call 1-800-AZandMe (292-6363).