About Us

As a pharmaceutical company, we know that we’re responsible for more than making medicine. We’re a pharmaceutical company helping to make healthcare personal again. That’s why we are dedicated to providing the tools, resources, support and information needed for a more positive healthcare experience.

The history of AstraZeneca goes back nearly 100 years. In that time we’ve produced medications for a variety of diseases and conditions, which affect millions of people each year, and our commitment to research grows stronger every year.

Today, not only are we working to discover the next new medicine, but we’re also working to help make healthcare a more meaningful, more personal experience for patients. The key to this goal is empowerment. By empowering doctors and patients with information we can help them make better informed choices about healthcare, which ultimately leads to healthier lives.

AZ Health Connections, the official U.S. corporate blog of AstraZeneca, is here to foster conversation about the healthcare world – and empower readers of this blog with information. We will be talking about a range of topics including breaking news, corporate social responsibility, healthcare reform, and more.

With healthcare being one of the most talked about topics online, we felt it important that we join the community of doctors, nurses, patients, policymakers, pundits and consumers who were engaging in debate and conversation.

This blog is a place where you can meet and interact with AstraZeneca U.S. while we work and innovate on the front lines of healthcare. Engage us. Join the discussion. Tell us when you agree and don’t be scared to let us know when you don’t. After all, how can we cultivate meaningful dialogue if we don’t know your thoughts or opinions?

We want to engage with you; we strongly recommend you read our comments policy to become familiar with the rules that govern this blog.

About the Editor

Michele Meixell and Alisha Martin of the external communications team are the editors of AZ Health Connections.


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